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PrimeSite has plenty of experience to act as your software architect. With many web applications in our portfolio, plus many more in development, there's not a single web-based page function we haven't done already.

Here is a listing of our more prominent web applications:

  • WebWise™ - Content-Managed Web System
    • Easy to maintain your site content using familiar "Office-style" tools for text formatting, image placement and file linking.
    • Pages are generated dynamically from the database. No need to deal with the mess and relationship of multiple linked HTML pages.
    • Creates your navigation menus AUTOMATICALLY, including quick page reordering, plus "landing" links to subpages.
    • Automatically creates “printer-friendly” or “email-friendly” versions of your pages.
    • Redirect any page to other pages or websites, same browser window or new window.
    • Site "Keyword Search" and automatic "Site Map" for site visitors built-in.
    • Manage your site from ANYWHERE you get internet access (from home or on the road).
    • Site Settings control helps you handle and modify META descriptions, keywords and site title for better search engine placement.
    • Tracks simple page views per page for quick reference to visitors.
    • Create easy page redirects to send visitors to new pages or sites quickly.
    • SEO TOOLS such as global HEAD tag editing and Pre-BODY tag placement for individual pages.
    • ALTERNATE domains can be set up to point to specific pages on your website.
    • PASSWORD-PROTECT one or more pages with multiple passwords.
    • USER MANAGEMENT gives you levels of control to edit your site, using more than one common access password.
    • CHECKOUT feature shows you who made content changes and when they made them.
    • CODENAME utility lets you drop any detailed code ANYWHERE in your site content by replacing tags with text file contents.
    • STYLE SHEETS that you edit yourself for global site design attributes.
    • OUTBOUND links disclaimer that warns your visitors when they leave your site.
  • PrimeDirectory™ - Web-Based Interactive Directory System
  • OrderWise™ - Product Procurement System
    • OrderWise eliminates costly job reworks caused by miscommunication between your buyers and print or products providers. Specifically developed for Printers, Promotional Item Vendors or anyone fulfilling personalized products to corporate or contract clients, the OrderWise Product Order System takes personalized orders online and converts them into job data that is ready-to-run.
    • Corporate Print Providers and Promotional Products Vendors:
      The OrderWise Product Order System runs separately, yet in tandem to, your existing website and provides solutions for as many clients as you need. It's easily maintained through a secure back-end administration section and gives you FULL control over adding new clients, adding products for those clients, managing orders and managing clients and their buyers. Because the OrderWise Product Order System does not handle online transactions, secure certificates are not necessary and you continue to bill your clients on a contract basis as you've always done...
    • Print Providers:
      the system steers clear of costly online PDF-generation licenses. The OrderWise Product Order System infrastructure prepares job data ready for importing into your custom production templates in either TXT(CSV) and XML formats.
    • Promotional Items Vendors:
      because the system is driven by direct buyer input and responses, you are assured that costly mistakes due to miscommunication are virtually eliminated!
  • TimeMachine™ - Time Management and Billing System
    • Automatic Project Numbering
    • On-screen alerts show you when a time entry was not closed
    • Notes let you include details in your time entries for better clarity
    • Expenses section lets you balance your project budget by handling special expenses billed to the project
    • Allocate billable and non-billable time to a project
    • Full management of employees and their access levels
    • Billing Reports make billing easy