web applications

PrimeSite has plenty of experience to act as your software architect. With many web applications in our portfolio, plus many more in development, there's not a single web-based page function we haven't done already.

Here is a listing of our more prominent web applications:

  • WebWise™ - Content-Managed Web System
    • Easy to maintain your site content using familiar "Office-style" tools for text formatting, image placement and file linking.
    • Pages are generated dynamically from the database. No need to deal with the mess and relationship of multiple linked HTML pages.
    • Creates your navigation menus AUTOMATICALLY, including quick page reordering, plus "landing" links to subpages.
    • Automatically creates “printer-friendly” or “email-friendly” versions of your pages.
    • Redirect any page to other pages or websites, same browser window or new window.
    • Site "Keyword Search" and automatic "Site Map" for site visitors built-in.
    • Manage your site from ANYWHERE you get internet access (from home or on the road).
    • Site Settings control helps you handle and modify META descriptions, keywords and site title for better search engine placement.
    • Tracks simple page views per page for quick reference to visitors.
    • Create easy page redirects to send visitors to new pages or sites quickly.
    • SEO TOOLS such as global HEAD tag editing and Pre-BODY tag placement for individual pages.
    • ALTERNATE domains can be set up to point to specific pages on your website.
    • PASSWORD-PROTECT one or more pages with multiple passwords.
    • USER MANAGEMENT gives you levels of control to edit your site, using more than one common access password.
    • CHECKOUT feature shows you who made content changes and when they made them.
    • CODENAME utility lets you drop any detailed code ANYWHERE in your site content by replacing tags with text file contents.
    • STYLE SHEETS that you edit yourself for global site design attributes.
    • OUTBOUND links disclaimer that warns your visitors when they leave your site.